And an eLearning offer

The Burns Unit tlc formed a new eLearning company in 2016. A separate business made up of leading industry experts and an award winning eLearning company.

We created ten one hour interactive modules. The intention was for clients to buy blocks of a hundred modules for a year’s access.

The modules were designed to be a useful foundation for some and a timely reminder of key principles for others.

Despite winning awards and receiving ¬†great feedback from those businesses buying the modules, we never achieved enough traction to keep Rock And A Hardplace going… we hit a rock in the road!

The modules still exist and can still be purchased. A more exciting option could be for your business to rebranded them and integrate them into your companies L&D library of resources.

The ten modules:

  1. How to be the best Account Handler in your agency
  2. Understanding your clients’ business
  3. Tools for strategic planning in a digital world
  4. Making creative briefs brief and briefings creative
  5. Judging ideas in the digital era
  6. Making complex arguments buyable
  7. The art and science of selling ideas
  8. Negotiation skills: beyond win win
  9. Leading people for peak performance
  10. Techniques for idea generation

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss options about how to benefit from these award winning eLearning modules.

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