Our Approach

Training & Development is often a knee jerk reaction to…

  • A meeting that goes badly wrongOur Approach
  • Global, Regional or Holding Company ‘initiatives’ demanding a change in behaviour
  • Criticism & observations from other departments, suppliers or clients
  • An identified skills gap following an appraisal
Our approach is to apply our proprietary model to create a more focused and strategic training and development plan for your people  and your business
  • Can be used for one office or globally
  • Can be deployed for one team or the whole organisation
  • Created for communication organisations but will work for any businesOur Approach
  • Combines process and structure with fluidity and flexibility
Our courses. We have a portfolio of 14 acclaimed courses all focused on changing not just attitudes but behaviour.
  • We are commercially focused on work that worksOur Approach
  • We are results-driven not Academic or Theory driven
  • We are believers in pragmatism and simplicity over complexity
  • Working with so many agencies, marketing departments and trade bodies keeps us at the leading edge of current developments and thinkingOur Approach
  • But most of all we strive to make our courses fun and engaging and never dull and threatening
  • We are passionate believers in the power of people over processes