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What can the Burns Unit tlc offer my business?

The Burns Unit tlc unlock the potential in your business by running a number of acclaimed training courses primarily for the communication, media and marketing community.

Businesses also work with us to help them construct a strategy to deliver the right plan for the right people and critically align it to the culture and specific needs of their business.

We also act for businesses who don’t require or can’t justify the cost of a full time Training & Development Director. We will implement a L&D plan and source the best trainers from within their organisation or bring in outside expertise.

Some Clients use The Burns Unit tlc to simply tap into our extensive network of over 40+ leading training specialists.

The Burns Unit tlc is like a ‘key’ to unlock the potential in your people and your business.

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2.We create a training plan for your business

3.We act as your in-house Training Director