Course 1

How to be the best Account Handler in your Agency

What is it?
Account Handlers are a positive and competitive lot by nature. But the transition from lively pup to ‘Top Dog’ often seems a difficult and frustrating process.

The problem is that ‘on the job training’ is only as good as ‘that particular job’. This course provides an ideal opportunity to really focus on what makes a great ‘Suit’ GREAT.

A huge chest of great ‘war stories’ and a collection of nothing other than tried and trusted methods of the art of Account Handling, a timely refresher for some, a lifesaver for others.

Who is it for?
Account Handlers with 1-2 years experience.

To give delegates confidence and a solid foundation of actionable skills.

The key objective is for every delegate to walk away from this course with a renewed sense of optimism and purpose and a real view of the bigger picture in addition to the importance of the tiniest detail.

This course is run as a half day or full day.

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