Course 5

Planning for Suits. An injection of strategic thinking

What is it?
Huge amounts of time and money is invested in developing a strong positioning and communication strategy for brands.

In this course we will explore many key planning tools that will demystify the dark art, long words and odd diagrams that make up the world of strategic brand planning.

Who is it for?
Account Handlers, Junior Planners and Brand Managers with 2 -5 years experience. People who are becoming frustrated that they are not seen by their clients or in their Marketing teams as trusted business partners.

To encourage engagement in more strategic brand debates by having a broader understanding of some of the main strategic planning tools.

To instil an appreciation and confidence to discuss strategy, challenge assumptions, have a point of view and constantly strive for simplicity over complexity.

To give delegates the confidence to challenge the assumptions that someone else ‘knows best’.

This course is run as a half or full day. A full day allows for more time to engage in the case studies making it a far more powerful course.

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