Course 6

Storytelling and making complex arguments buyable

What is it?
Clients and Agencies often have to present complex ideas. These may be creative ideas, strategic and comms ideas or detailed data analysis. Often the focus is lost and teams lose sight of the argument and fail to present it in the most compelling way.

This often results in missed opportunities and Clients and Agencies not being convinced of each others points of view or the merits of their ideas and proposals.

Who is it for?
This course is particularly helpful for those in all types of Agency (Acc Handlers, Planners and Data analysts) or Marketing Dept (Brand Managers) who are involved in having to convince Client and Agency colleagues of their proposals and arguments.

To instil in delegates the skills to be able to utilise our unique, clear and simple methodology for constructing an argument so that it’s clear to understand and easy to ‘buy’ for all types of audience.

This course is run as either a half day or full day.

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