Course 7

Leadership and inspiring your team

What is it?
The phrase ‘some are born to lead and others to follow’ suggests we are on a pre-destined course. But when we examine business leaders their qualities are often very different from the battlefield leaders of myth and history.

In this course we’ll explore what the qualities and tactics that can dramatically improve any person’s ability to lead and manage a team.

The course is focused on the inter-personal skills needed for the successful running of any team. By the end of the course, delegates will have a clearer sense of their own leadership style as well as a greater confidence to lead, manage, and know when to ‘Let go’.

Who is it for?
Those who have cracked the basics of managing the process of developing ideas but are now finding it hard to manage people and teams.

To provide delegates with the skills and insights into how to be a more effective leader of people and teams.

This course is ideally run as a two day course but can work in a half day or full day.

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