Course 8

Negotiation Skills: ‘Beyond win win’

What is it?
We spend all our time caught up in negotiations, some of which are vitally important. Manage these well and you and the business will be better off.

This course is for those who manage critical negotiations on behalf of their business; a new agency contract, a media or production price – through to non financial negotiations such as strategy and creative ideas or even personnel issues.

Who is it for?
Account Directors, Account Managers and others in departments who have to undertake negotiations on behalf of their agency.

To instil an understanding and confidence in the key skills of successful negotiation. At the end of the course the delegates will be able to negotiate better agreements more successfully. Ideally both parties end up in a winning position, better than where they both anticipated.

This course is run as either a half day or full day course. More time allows for greater engagement in the case studies making it a far more powerful course.

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